tea’s aftertaste

In May 2011, I published my first haiku chapbook tea’s aftertaste with Bronze Man Books, and posted about the process here. Specs and technical details (and ordering information) may be found at the Bronze Man Books website.


From the preface:

“In this collection of haiku, tea’s aftertaste, Aubrie Cox gathers the best of her work that has been published in peer-reviewed journals and anthologies. Aubrie’s haiku are not in a hurry. Her haiku take time to breathe and to fully contemplate the things being observed or remembered. Her haiku understand that they come from the human heart. Her haiku are authentic. She knows how to wear a narrative mask and how to take it off. Her haiku are not afraid of the dark, nor the spiritual depths of churchyard shadows. ” — Dr. Randy Brooks, Millikin University, Brooks Books


From Reviews:

“The reader will benefit from allowing each of these forty haiku time to breathe. When reading Aubrie Cox’s haiku I’m reminded that Bashō, exploring his concept of karumi, ‘lightness’, likened it to “a shallow river running over sand”. I think Bashō knew his rivers, and here’s a tip that might come in handy for wilderness survival: with that sort of river there’s a lot more water held within the depths of sand than is visible on the surface.” — Lorin Ford, haiku editor for A Hundred GourdsRead full review in issue 1:2.


“Aubrie’s haiku are amazing, and Katie’s illustrations are awesome, and you just keep looking through the book going, ‘Why don’t more people write more haiku that so movingly combine the personal and the universal, that are filled with such astute and original observations of the concrete world, that are simultaneously mercilessly honest and lovingly generous?… And then why don’t they have an artist with the same rare sensibility draw touching little illustrations to go with their haiku… And then why don’t they put the whole thing together in a lovingly designed package and sew it up with red thread?’

It’s a mystery, really. But I wouldn’t spend too long agonizing over it. Just get the book and enjoy it. You’re welcome.” — Melissa Allen, Red DragonflyRead the full review here.


tea’s aftertaste by Aubrie Cox is a delightful chapbook. Her keen sense of observation tripled with a sense of ambiguity, brevity, and sensory stimulation make this chapbook worth reading again and again (I’ve read it four times already since it first came out!). Like the aftertaste of a good cup of tea, this chapbook definitely leaves a lingering one.” — Kathy Nguyen, Origami Lotus PoetryRead the full review here.


From Readers and Fellow Poets:

“I read your book, tea’s aftertaste. It went down smooth! A beautiful book to hold and read! Great work!” —Lucas Stensland, my favorite thing


“I received my copy of your poetry book, and just want to say that tea’s aftertaste is really a lovely and well constructed, both poetically and in the hand, book of haiku. I was not particularly surprised that you had it in you, but did want you to know how much I enjoyed it. Thanks for putting this fine little gemstone out there for me to read.

” — Michael Rehling, Haiku Mike


“Hello, Aubrie! Your chapbook is a thing of beauty — the poems inside, the artwork, and even the hand-stitched binding. I have been sipping it slowly and enjoying its delicious flavors. I love how your work covers a range of emotions and topics. We go from pensive to funny, from lip gloss to all the possibilities of life. I can’t pick a favorite. Thank you for sharing this wonderful haiku collection.” — Christina Nguyen, A wish for the sky…


“I am reading [tea’s aftertaste], too. Your haiku are very contentful. Very enjoyable. In many of them, there are associative and autobiographical depths that seem to disappear down into the darkness.” — Michael Nickels-Wisdom


3 thoughts on “tea’s aftertaste

  1. Dear Aubrie,

    Rereading “tea’s aftertaste” today and happy to support Bronze Man Books (as a former teacher). Wonderful collaboration with artist Katie Baird, and I also enjoyed Randy Brooks’ Preface and your Introduction. Beautiful colors, papers, and hand sewing.

    Three of your haiku out of several which especially spoke to me:

    country highway
    I brake
    for a field mouse

    endless conversation
    the river runs
    through my fingers

    the river melts
    into the woods

    Best wishes, Ellen

    1. Hi Ellen,

      Thank you so much for your kind words, and for supporting Bronze Man Books! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the book; a lot of love went into it, that’s for sure. I was blessed to have such talented people around me as it came together.

      “sundown” is a personal favorite of mine as well; it makes me happy to hear it resonates with someone else as well.

      Take care!

      1. Dear Aubrie,

        A note to let you know I quoted your “sundown” poem at The Haiku Foundation, as my post for their new board “Soundings: Haiku Appreciation in the Forum.” Also included a short quote from your Introduction, with a complete reference to the book.

        My post is short, as I’m just beginning to learn how the Forum works.

        Hope you have a lovely summer, and

        thank you,


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