After the downpour tiny moths flutter like falling ash. The path to Montezuma Castle is sidewinding lizards and Sycamores with sagging skin.

fire restrictions
a fox cuts across
the mountain pass

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Warning Signs


The other side of Hoover Dam drops straight into Caribbean-blue Mead. Seared into the concrete: DANGER STAY OFF WALL.

Someone, somewhere: “That’s a long way down, brother.”

cloudless sky
winged figures
welded to the monument

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South of Sedona


It’s monsoon season. You stand over broken water and watch thunder rumble over the ridge. Out here, your friend says, you survive on photo-fucking-synthesis.

raven eye level to the lightning


broken water - translation of the Hopi name for Montezuma Well

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Depth of Field

You REM through morning in Italy, rusted out trailers, viking cat funerals. Swimming in ponds you know they’ve dumped bodies without knowing who “they” are.

day moon
two-thirds full

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Cognitive Dysfunction

You want to write a love letter; you don’t know how. The solstice was weeks ago, but today is the longest day of the year.

midnight thunder
cool side
of the pillow

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