Concussion Reception of a Phone Call from Home

You try not to ask him to repeat too many times. Which words are important? He sounds so distant. It’s your turn to talk.

night harvest 0% of the moon illuminated

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Death of the Muse

After the first few nights, embrace the silence at 4am. Wake. Put him in the earth so the earth can try again.

cracked acorns
the daughter
we never met

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Where Will We Keep the Clans?

Dress black as suicide. Black as the bruises around his neck. Black as the feuds hanging from the family branches.

rock salt under pallbearers’ shoes softening earth

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Call Me Before You Leave

You’re on the side of the highway when you get the news, the sun in your eyes, the roadside cabin as empty as the harvested field across the way. Everything you considered revealing in writing resurfaces between the turn signal clicks.

prison cell noose
“I’ll fix the roof
when I get home”

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Just Saying Without Me Saying, We Might Fall

It’s five o’clock and the sky is on fire. This moon will be when horns are broken off. The hospital chaplain calls—he’s fine.

lunar caustic
I wash around
the wound

Lunar caustic is the old school name for silver nitrate.

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