You’re rarely bothered, but after a city council rep in Wal-Mart’s automative tells you you’re beautiful, you try on your mother’s first wedding ring.

after the wreck 1% of the moon missing

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Systematic Anxiety Application

You have trouble swallowing. Uncertainty has manifested itself in chest pains. Where will you be in a month? Six months? Milwaukee? Denver? New York? Alone?

test score percentiles snow begins to stick

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Concussion Reception of a Phone Call from Home

You try not to ask him to repeat too many times. Which words are important? He sounds so distant. It’s your turn to talk.

night harvest 0% of the moon illuminated

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Death of the Muse

After the first few nights, embrace the silence at 4am. Wake. Put him in the earth so the earth can try again.

cracked acorns
the daughter
we never met

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Where Will We Keep the Clans?

Dress black as suicide. Black as the bruises around his neck. Black as the feuds hanging from the family branches.

rock salt under pallbearers’ shoes softening earth

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