Retrograde Motion

It’s August and dead leaves are already falling. Once upon a time you told me I didn’t know loneliness.

That’s probably where it all started.

happily ever after
a storm always
on the horizon

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Woolly worm wives’ tales inch across the highway and dissolve into the mare’s tail sunset.

You’re not sure you can survive another winter.

sky-wide lightning
empty side
of the bed

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It smells like Chinese food in the changing room. There’s the radio, but you’re humming “Mirage Year.”

Wrapped in curtains, your usual size’s too big.

last summer sunset
I thought I’d be

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Nearby Weather

Dragonflies tilt the morning like helicopter seeds. First day of school. A sunflower grows out of a crack in the shoulder of the road.

fresh asphalt
I sink into
old habits

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“This is the part of the show where the bassist drinks a beer.”


Your knees brush the stage. The drums come up through the floorboards like Jurassic Park, and city bats burst out the band van out front.

event horizon
dead oceans
off broadway

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