6 thoughts on “Sting Haiku

      1. Do we need to have all three lines as titles or band names? Obviously, I did only
        one. The Japanese often alluded to former haiku or Chinese poems, but each ku had only one allusion.


        1. Yup. All three (or five, or ten…) lines have to be titles or band names! Of course, you can break a title into several lines, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be three different things.

  1. You have really got me thinking, Aubrie!

    in your dreams
    all I intended to be
    amazing grace

    In Your Dreams – CD by Stevie Nicks
    All I Intended To Be – CD by Emmylou Harris

    Stevie Nicks and Emmylou Harris are such role models for me–a little bit older, resilient, new work and writing, and older work that has more than stood the test of time. Will have to look up specific song credits.

    When I bought, All I Intended To Be, that sounded bleak to me. Now I think, there’s still time!

    Thanks, Ellen

    And Christmas carols:

    Breath of Heaven–Amy Grant
    Silent Night
    I wonder as I wander (hope I can think of something for this one)
    O Holy Night

    Joni Mitchell another great influence: Both Sides Now, Blue, Amelia, Hejira, Jericho…

    So am jotting things down, and will see what forms in my mind by your deadline…

    Great challenge!

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