News, Book Reviews, and Other Things

Last Tuesday, haijinx IV:1 went live. The issue’s packed with endearing haiku, haibun, haiga, book reviews, and articles. I don’t just say that because I had the chance to contribute; it’s one of the first haiku magazines I’ve taken the time to sit down and read in a while, and enjoyed every moment of it. Please take the time to do the same—a lot of work (and sleep deprivation) was put into the making of this issue!

In addition to some of my haiku making an appearance, the haijinx team asked me to write up an overview of NaHaiWriMo, followed by an interview with NaHaiWriMo organizer Michael Dylan Welch. I also wrote reviews of evolution: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2010 and pay attention: a river of stones from NaSmaStoMo.

Furthermore, I have been invited to be guest editor for summer issue. Thrilled and honored to work with such a great team of poets and editors would be an understatement. The submissions deadline for is May 21st. For more information, see haijinx‘s submissions page.

News, Book Reviews, and Other Things

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